A Man Like None Other Chapter 1152

Meanwhile, Edgar led his men and charged right into the tomb. A portray held on a wall in the room, depicting a mountain bordering a river, where a shepherdess stood on its slope. The drawing become so sensible that the parent gave the look of a real human.

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A Man Like None Other Chapter 1152

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A Man Like None Other Chapter 1152

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Authors: Anonymous
Genres: Adventure & Action
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Title: A Man Like None Other
Status: Ongoing

Synopsis A Man Like None Other

A few words had been scrawled at the left facet of the painting: Thousands of Miles Away. Other than that, the tomb held not anything else.
“Is this the magical item?”
Edgar reached out to retrieve the painting, best to be stopped by way of Godrick, who cautioned, “Be cautious, Mr. Edgar! There might be a trap!”
His warning at once precipitated Edgar to retract his hand. Having skilled other traps inside the historic tomb before, he elected to err on the facet of warning.
Meanwhile, Colin supported Jared into the tomb. Jared turned into taken aback whilst he laid his eyes on Thousands of Miles Away.


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