How to Make Swallow’s Nest Quickly Occupy, Save Cost

This article will discuss a very profitable business idea. The business in question is swallow nest cultivation. Swallows in Indonesia can indeed bring in a lot of rupiah. Not looking for chirps or meat, but nests of swallows made from their saliva or commonly called saliva. To be able to reap large profits, proper knowledge of swallow nest cultivation is needed. Yes, the swallow’s nest will indeed be formed by the swallow. However, what must be considered is how the swallow can be cultivated.

One of the important sciences in cultivating this swallow is how to make a swallow nest. Lately, swallow entrepreneurs in Indonesia no longer rely on caves as a source of getting swallow’s nests. Although initially, the swiftlet nest business, which is believed to have been rife since decades ago, originated only by looking for it in natural caves. But now, there is another way that does not require painstakingly entering the cave, namely by making a swallow’s nest house. By making a swallow’s nest house, this business can be owned by individuals and the results can be maximized as long as the business is also right.

The advantages of the swallow’s nest business are not small. Many people have become millionaires and even billionaires because of the swallow’s nest business. If you are interested, start by understanding how to make a swallow nest correctly. Swallow’s nest house is the key to the success of this business. This is because the success or failure of this business depends on the swallow itself. If the swallow is reluctant to come, settle down, and make a bird’s nest in the house you build, then this business does not produce anything and actually results in huge losses. Yes, making a swallow’s nest house does require a lot of money.
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The biggest cost, of course, is to build a building that the swallow will use as a place to live. There are also other costs, such as operational costs, social costs and others. But the most important thing is how to make a swallow’s nest effective and generate rupiah, and not to drain the assets you have too much. There are two points that all swallow nest entrepreneurs want, the first is how to make a nest house so that it can be occupied quickly and how to make an economical nest house.

4 Important Things How To Make Swallow’s Nest
There are several things that you should know about how to make swallow nests that are cost-effective and fast to live in. Some of these will be shared below. But keep in mind, the success of the swallow’s nest business by paying attention to several things, how to make a swallow’s nest house can vary between cultivators. This can be caused by many things, the first being due to perseverance, accuracy, the location of the swallow nest cultivation, and maintenance. Therefore, the results may vary. For some important things to note, here are the reviews:

Swallow’s Nest House Building Form
There is no definite size and shape of a swallow’s nest house. If you are looking for pictures of swallow nest cultivation houses, surely you will find different shapes. In general, the shape of the building is an empty building that is wide and high. Some say it is better if the building is a 4-story building or with a height of about 10 meters to make it easier and attract the attention of the swallow. While the area and 4 levels to make this business have great potential so that the number of birds that want to be inside can be a lot. But there are also those who say it doesn’t need to be that high. This can happen because the experiences of swallow nest cultivators are different.

The height and size of the building are not the most important because they are not the main factors to make swallows feel at home to stay. Provided, the buildings that are erected must be in a quiet or quiet place like their natural habitat in the cave. The outline of the building is an empty building, with a Bird Entry Hole (LMB) at the top or on each side of the building, doors for humans at the bottom, and air vents.

Adjust Temperature And Humidity
This is the key factor in being able to make a swallow’s nest that produces a lot of profit. At first, the swallow only lived in a cave. Therefore, if you want a swallow to live in the building you made, then make the building as similar as possible to the conditions in the cave. It’s not a matter of shape, but the most important thing is a matter of temperature and humidity. Swallows in order to be able to feel at home and continue to stay until they make their own nests, they must be made

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