The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5020

Liu Jiahui trembled in fright, and hurriedly Said: “No, no, that’s now not what I intended, Mr. Wade, I’m inclined to kneel in your father’s grave for three days and 3 nights, after which spend two billion dollars over twenty years!”charlie looked at him and smiled playfully. He deliberately apprehensive him and said: “Let

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The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5020

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The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5020

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Authors: Anonymous
Genres: General
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Title: The Amazing Son In Law
Status: Ongoing

Synopsis The Amazing Son In Law – Charlie Wade (Xperimentalhamid):

me offer a fee of 20 billion US greenbacks in ten years. If you agree, we are able to communicate down. If you don’t agree, you don’t have to speak!”

With a word from charlie, Liu Jiahui’s eyes were so worried that he fainted at once.

Fang Jiaxin, who was beside him, hurriedly stretched out his hand to aid him, protecting his head, shaking even as shouting hoarsely in his ear: “What’s incorrect with you, Ka Fai, awaken, Ka Fai, you Don’t scare me…”

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